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Tree Hollyhock

A late flowering, large or medium sized shrub. The large trumpet shaped flowers are most impressive as they open between midsummer and autumn.

Tree of Heaven

A large tree with pinnate leaves much like ash but which in young trees can be up to 1m long. Female trees produce large bunches of red fruits rather like ash keys in late summer.

Trident Maple

A Japanese style maple with three lobed bright green leaves with yellow undersides. Superb red, orange and yellow autumn tints. Perfect for bonsai, though used in Japan as street trees. Peeling bark...
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Tulip Tree

A beautiful large tree with odd looking leaves that turn yellow in autumn. The flowers appear from early summer onwards resembling short stemmed tulips. They are a yellow green colour and banded at...
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Turkey Oak

A large tree and one of the fastest growing oaks. It thrives on chalky soils and near the sea. The leaves are coarsely toothed and slightly rough to the touch.
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Turkish Hazel

A remarkable tree with a symmetrical, pyramidal form which is quite striking. The corky, deeply fissured bark is also an attractive feature. It is the only hazel with a single straight trunk.
from £3.50

Urn Gum/ Urn Pod Gum

Considered to be more decorative than E. gunnii. Makes a good specimen tree with silver-blue round juvenile and strap-like silver/grey-green adult leaves. Silver white bark maturing to...


A large handsome evergreen shrub with large elliptic corrugated leaves which are dark green above and grey felted beneath. The cream flowers are borne in clusters in spring. The fruits are red,...

Victorian Silver/ Buxton Gum

A medium sized evergreen tree which can be used as hedging or coppiced for floristry. Compact grey-green, wavy edged foliage turning to green with reddish hints as it matures. White, fluffy, scented...

Virginia Creeper

A tall growing clinging vine ideal for high walls. The leaves are made up of 5 leaflets which turn a brilliant orange or scarlet in autumn. The fruits are a blue / black colour.
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