Broadleaf Trees and Shrubs

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  • Rose of Sharon

    Rose of Sharon Seed

    Hypericum calycinum

    Rose of Sharon is a dwarf evergreen shrub with large leathery leaves and golden flowers with long stamens all summer. It is an excellent ground-cover plant, suckering generously if kept shaded but can get a little out of control in full sun! Bits can be pulled up occasionally, and old stems chopped down, but otherwise doesn’t need much attention.

  • Rugosa rose

    Rugosa / Ramanas Rose

    Rosa rugosa

    Rugosa rose is a strong growing deciduous shrub which flowers throughout the season, the leaflets are veined and puckered (rugose). The purplish single flowers are up to 10 cm wide and these give rise to tomato shaped hips up to 3cm across. Makes a prickly but decorative barrier and will take pruning or trimming regularly. Rose-hip syrup is an excellent source of vitamin C and used to be given to babies during the war.

  • rugosa rose

    Rugosa / Ramanas Rose (red) Seed

    Rosa rugosa rubra

    Rugosa roses are strong growing deciduous shrubs which flower throughout the season, the leaflets are veined and puckered (rugose). The scented, wine crimson single flowers are up to 10 cm wide and these give rise to tomato shaped hips over 3cm across. Makes a prickly but decorative barrier that can be pruned or trimmed to the required height. Rose-hip syrup was given to babies during the war as a source of vitamin C.

  • Rugosa rose(white)

    Rugosa Rose(white) Seed

    Rosa rugosa alba

    The Rugosa rose(white) is a strong growing deciduous shrub which flowers throughout the season, the leaflets are veined and puckered (rugose). The white single scented flowers are up to 10 cm wide and these give rise to tomato shaped hips up to 3cm across. This form is exceptionally free fruiting.

  • Salmon Barberry

    Berberis aggregata

    An easy to grow deciduous shrub. It has pale yellow flowers in spring followed by bright red egg shaped fruits in autumn. The leaves have excellent autumn colours and the plant is very thorny.

    pic courtesy of Sten Porse CC BY-SA 3.00

  • Scarlet Oak Seed

    Quercus coccinea

    Scarlet Oak is a large deciduous tree with dark green deeply lobed leaves which in autumn turn a glowing scarlet. A fantastic tree for autumn colour especially if challenged by cold weather during autumn. It requires a lime free soil.

  • Scottish Laburnum Seed

    Laburnum alpinum

    Scotch Laburnum is a small, deciduous, broad headed tree that produces a profusion of drooping yellow flowers in summer. They are scented and attract insects for the pollen and nectar. The leaves have 3 leaflets and are a lighter green on the underside. It produces pods of poisonous seed in autumn.

  • Sea Buckthorn Seed

    Hippophae rhamnoides

    Sea Buckthorn is a first rate deciduous shrub or small tree for coastal, salt laden areas. It has narrow silvery leaves and in winter has a show of orange berries which birds find inedible. The berries can be made into jams and jellies and oil from the leaves and berries may offer numerous health benefits. High in vitamin C. For berries to develop both male and female plants need to cultivated. Grow a few seedlings to guarantee this. Not planted enough in gardens!

  • Sessile Oak

    Sessile Oak Seed

    Quercus petraea

    The Sessile Oak is one of two UK native oak species. It replaces Q.robur in damper and upland areas, but the two are very similar. A good tree in coastal areas. The large long stalked leaves of Q petraea  are not auricled at the base and the stalkless fruits differentiate it from Q.robur. A good tree in coastal areas. Acorns tend to sprout earlier than Q robur too.

  • Shadbush

    Shadbush or Snowy Mespilus Seed

    Amelanchier canadensis

    Shadbush or Snowy Mespilus makes a large suckering shrub or small tree. It has an impressive white blossom which creates purple fruits, favoured by blackbirds at the end of the season. Golden autumn colour. The tree can be compact and makes an excellent choice for a small garden, but also good in a mixed hedgerow.

  • Shagbark Hickory

    Shagbark Hickory Seed

    Carya ovata

    Shagbark Hickory when mature, forms a stately, open headed tree with plates of bark peeling away from the trunk. Leaves are made up of 5 leaflets similar to Walnut, to which it is related. Long yellow catkins in spring are followed in autumn by large walnut-like fruit. A thick husk hides an edible, sweet, 4 ribbed nut. First grown in UK in mid 17th century.

  • Shining Gum Seed

    Eucalyptus nitens

    Shining Gum, Eucalyptus nitens makes a small tree in cooler climates with good young vigour. It has a jungly exotic appearance and the young growth stems are almost square. This tree makes a striking container plant and has some hardiness but requires a very sheltered position. Can be trimmed, but generally carefree. Doesn’t like being coppiced. Useful for floristry.

  • caragana arborescens

    Siberian Pea Tree Seed

    Caragana arborescens

    Siberian Pea tree or Caragana arborescens can grow into a  small tree but is more often a shrub. It  thrives in any conditions especially in exposed dry situations. The small, pea-like, scented yellow flowers develop into long narrow seed pods. It is a legume and so fixes nitrogen into the soil and can be used to enrich poor soils. The small seeds can be eaten, when cooked, and were used by immigrants to the US whilst they travelled. It is now thought of as an invasive species in America!

  • Sichuan Pepper

    Sichuan Pepper Seed

    Zanthoxylum simulans

    Sichuan Pepper or Chinese Prickly Ash grows into a wide-spreading, deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves similar to Ash. Its branches are slightly hanging and are covered in large, flat spines. Bunches of tiny yellow green flowers appear in May and June, followed by warty reddish fruit. Autumn colour is red and yellow All parts are aromatic and the ground up fruit is a more pungent pepper than Black pepper and a constituent of Chinese ‘Five Spice’. Used against various maladies in oriental medicine.


  • Silver Birch Seed

    Betula pendula

    Silver Birch is a  pretty tree, often known as the “Lady of the Woods” It is planted in gardens for its graceful pendulous form. It has an attractive white bark with sharply cut diamond shaped leaves. If unavoidable, trimming has to be done when the tree is dormant; in the spring, the sap rises so fast that they can really suffer if cut.  The sap can be tapped, in a similar way to Acer saccharum, to produce the precursor to Birch/Maple syrup. Beautiful winter tracery. A pioneer of difficult areas. Tough and hardy.

  • Silver Leafed Mountain Gum Seed

    Eucalyptus pulverulenta

    Eucalyptus pulverulenta. Silver Leafed Mountain Gum is a well branched, medium-sized tree easy to control by pruning. The evergreen, juvenile foliage is glaucous silvery grey white and has been described as looking like a kebab! It rarely develops adult foliage. Bark is mostly smooth. Cream flowers occur when the tree is still young. This tree can be grown as a multi-stemmed specimen, but needs a sheltered spot.


  • Silver Lime

    Silver Lime Seed

    Tilia tomentosa

    Silver Lime is a large handsome deciduous tree of stately habit. The leaves are short stalked heart-shaped and deeply toothed, dark green above and silver felted beneath. They give a lovely shimmering effect in a breeze and make a dense crown. The cream flowers in July are heavily scented and intoxicate bees. Autumn colour is yellow.

  • Silver Maple Seed

    Acer saccharinum

    A large fast growing tree that has deeply dissected 5 lobed leaves that are silvery white beneath. This produces a delightful effect in breezes. It has an attractive autumn colour.

  • Silver Wattle

    Silver Wattle Seed

    Acacia dealbata

    Silver Wattle or Mimosa is a loose growing, small open evergreen tree or large shrub. It has ferny grey green leaves and scented yellow pompom flowers,  in the winter and early spring. It is often used by florists for winter colour and scent.  Mimosa is also a Champagne cocktail – champagne and chilled citrus juice, with or without Drambuie. Good for breakfast(so I’m told!) Mimosa can be grown outside in the southwest and on the south coast, but still really needs shelter.


  • Small Leaved Lime

    Small Leaved Lime Seed

    Tilia cordata

    Small Leaved Lime is a  medium sized deciduous tree with heart shaped 5 to 8cm glossy dark green long leaves which are pale on the underside. The sweetly scented, ivory flower clusters appear in the latter half of the summer and are usually covered in bees. The trees can quite often be smelt and heard before being seen!

  • Smoke Bush

    Smoke Bush / Venetian Sumach Seed

    Cotinus coggygria

    Cotinus or Smoke bush is a deciduous multi branched shrub with rounded green leaves that colour well in the autumn. Pinky-fawn coloured plume like inflorescences are borne in early summer turning an attractive smokey grey colour by autumn.They give the effect of a haze of smoke, hence the name.

  • Snow Gum

    Eucalyptus pauciflora

    Similar to Eucalyptus niphophila (which is often thought of as a subspecies) having a characteristic peeling green-grey and white bark. It has attractive white flowers, and aromatic evergreen foliage. Can be coppiced to form a multistem tree/shrub.

  • Snowbell, Styrax

    Snowbell Tree Seed

    Styrax japonica

    Snowbell Tree or Styrax is a beautiful deciduous shrub or small tree with wide spreading almost horizontal fanning branches. The leaves are narrow and pointed and the white bell shaped flowers have yellow stamens. They hang along the undersides of branches in the early summer, so plant where you can walk underneath the branches.

  • Snowberry Seed

    Symphoricarpos albus / alba

    The Snowberry is a strong growing deciduous shrub which can form dense thickets especially in hedgerows. The leaves are elliptical and up to 8cm long. Tiny pink flowers appear in the early summer followed by snowberries in the autumn that look like glistening white marbles on the branches. Is happy to be left alone or it can be trimmed/pruned heavily if necessary. Tough and tolerant. Poisonous if ingested