Trees for Bees and other Insects

Trees and shrubs with nectar and pollen for insects.


It is becoming increasingly necessary to think about our insect species and the benefits they bring with them. Without insects, plants would not be pollinated, seeds would not be ‘set’ and plants would not regenerate. Insects also control plant pests, and although some are pests themselves, there may still be undiscovered good sides to them! They are a food source for birds – if you have a garden full of insects, the birds come too. All insects are part of the balanced ecosystems that the world needs.

This list of shrubs and trees is here as a guide to the seeds we have in stock that are particularly insect friendly, but  any new plants that you produce will be beneficial! Don’t forget our wildflower list, all of which are insect friendly in one way or another.



Alder Buckthorn –            Rhamnus frangula/Frangula alnus

Barberry                             Berberis spp

Shadbush                           Amelanchier canadensis

Indian Bean Tree             Catalpa bignoniodes

American Red Bud          Cercis canadensis

Carolina Silverbell           Halesia carolina

Robinia                               Robinia pseudacacia

Japanese Pagoda Tree     Sophora japonica

Alders                                Alnus sp

Hazel                                 Corylus avellena

Field Maple                      Acer campestre

Crab Apple                       Malus sylvestris

Wild Cherry                     Prunus avium

Pear                                   Pyrus communis

Sycamore                        Acer pseudoplatanus

Horse Chestnut             Aesculus hippocastanum

Hawthorn                       Crataegus sp

Elaeagnus                      Elaeagnus sp

Rowans                          Sorbus sp

Limes                             Tilia sp

Tulip Tree                     Liriodendron tulipifera

Sweet Chestnut           Castanea sativa

Privet                             Ligustrum vulgare

Strawberry Tree         Arbutus

Ivy                                 Hedera helix

Blackberry                   Rubus fruticosa

Blackthorn                  Prunus spinosa

Broom                         Cytisus scoparius

Roses                           Rosa sp

Honeysuckle              Lonicera sp

Buddleia                     Buddleis

Lavender                    Lavandula sp