Broadleaf Trees and Shrubs

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  • Cordyline_australis

    Cordyline Seed

    Cordyline australis

    Cordylines or New Zealand Cabbage trees grow into small evergreen trees with a single trunk topped with a dense mass of long sword like leaves. Small creamy white flowers in large terminal panicles are produced in early summer. A very striking architectural plant.

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  • Cornus mas

    Cornelian Cherry Seed

    Cornus mas

    Cornelian cherry is a large shrub or small densely branched deciduous tree. It produces a profusion of small yellow flowers on leafless twigs in late winter which result in red, cherry like fruits. The leaves turn reddish purple in autumn.

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  • Cotoneaster simonsii seed

    Cotoneaster simonsii

    Cotoneaster simonsii is a large upright semi-evergreen with small white/pink flowers in June, bee friendly, followed by persistent red berries. Good as an informal hedge but  can also be clipped quite hard into shape. Often known as Himalayan Cotoneaster, but this leads to confusion with other Cotoneasters.

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  • malus seed

    Crab Apple Seed

    Malus sylvestris

    Crab Apples are small deciduous trees growing to 8m tall with white flowers that may be tinged with pink when they appear in late spring. Pollinated by bees. The fruits grow to 2.5cm across in the autumn and are sour to eat but make a delicious conserve. They are also good for wildlife with fruit remaining well into the winter. It can be pruned and chopped quite harshly if needed, in the winter.

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  • Cornus_canadensis_4-eheep_(5097230925)

    Creeping Dogwood Seed

    Cornus canadensis

    Creeping Dogwood is actually a herbaceous perennial with a creeping woody rootstock. It forms an attractive carpet of foliage starred with white flowers in May and June which are succeeded by bright red fruits in early autumn. The white ‘petals’ are really bracts surrounding balls of tiny flowers. Useful decorative ground cover for shady places and needs little maintenance.

    pic courtesy of Superior National Forest, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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  • damson dms

    Damson Seed

    Prunus domestica insititia

    The damson is a subspecies of the plum. A small deciduous tree, it produces the oval damson fruit which has a green yellow flesh and dark blue or indigo skin. The fruits can hang shrivelled well into the winter. It produces white blossom in April, good for early pollinators. Pruning is not advisable in the winter because a bacterial canker can get into the wounds, but if necessary Damson can be chopped in the summer.

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    Daphne / Spurge Laurel berries

    Daphne mezereum

    Daphne mezereum is a small twiggy deciduous shrub that flowers in very early spring, before the leaves emerge. Highly scented purple red flowers are followed by poisonous scarlet fruits. It thrives on chalky soils. This product is sold as dried berries which are still poisonous. Slow growing and often used in winter gardens and medium scale rockeries. Once planted, it’s best not to transplant or disturb. Appreciates mulching with compost or leaf mould in late spring.

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  • Diel's Cotoneaster

    Diel’s Cotoneaster Seed

    Cotoneaster dielsianus

    Diel’s is an evergreen cotoneaster with small ovate leaves and red fruit. Can be pruned to make a neater shape, but a hardy and useful filler. The tiny flowers are attractive to bees in the summer.

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  • Dog Rose Seed

    Rosa canina

    The Dog Rose is a hedgerow shrub with an open growth habit and long, arching, prickly stems. It is often used in reclamation planting and for land stabilisation. In early summer it produces large scented flowers that vary from pink through to white. The rosehips are egg shaped and bright red providing autumn colour and food for wildlife. Packed with vitamin C , the hips in the form of a tea have been used to treat kidney problems.  The national flower of Romania

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  • Cornus_florida_(flowering_dogwood)_(31681741022)

    Eastern / Flowering Dogwood Seed

    Cornus florida

    Eastern / Flowering Dogwood is a large shrub or small tree. In winter the flower buds are enclosed in 4 white bracts which open in spring; the bracts form “petals” which are tinged pink at the apex forming a very pretty “flower.”

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  • Eglantine / Sweet Briar Seed

    Rosa rubiginosa / eglanteria

    The Eglantine Rose is a medium sized, dense, spiney deciduous shrub with aromatic leaves, smelling of apples. The single pink flowers are simple, beautiful and fragrant. Bright red oval hips persist well into the winter and are a good source of Vitamin C. In some countries (New Zealand, South Africa and Australia) it is seen as an invasive weed, but in UK there are no problems with it. Prune in autumn or winter and it can be sheared back quite hard if necessary.

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  • elderflower

    Elderberry / Common Elder Seed

    Sambucus nigra

    Elderberry is a large shrub or small tree with rugged bark and 5 to 7 leaflets. The leaves smell a bit odd. It bears flattened heads of white flowers in early summer which give rise to dense bunches of small black fruits. The fruit famously makes a good wine or can be used to flavour gin. The flowers are used to make cordial or champagne. It grows well on chalk and is being harvested commercially for both flowers and berries. Common in larger hedges and wood margins. It is excellent for wildlife – insects on the flowers and birds for the berries.

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  • querob dms

    English Oak / Common Oak

    Quercus robur

    The English Oak makes a large, impressive, long lived tree, an icon of the British countryside! It develops a large head of rugged branches. The deciduous leaves are stalkless, auricled at the base with shallow lobes and turn a good yellow and copper in the autumn. The acorn fruits are attached to the tree by a slender stalk. It plays host to masses of wildlife that depend on it. The auricles are one of the ways of distinguishing between English Oak and Sessile Oak.


    Not for forestry purposes.

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    Erman’s Birch Seed

    Betula ermanii

    Erman’s birch has a distinctive creamy white bark which shows off well after the leaves have fallen in winter. In the summer it has conspicuous bright green heart shaped leaves, and yellow autumn colour. Makes a fine, small to medium tree,  sometimes multi-stemmed and casts only light shade.

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    Eucalyptus kitsoniana/bog gum

    Eucalyptus kitsoniana

    Good ornamental specimen for its broad glossy leaves and varied bark that sheds in ribbons. mallee form. Found inland and on coastal plains, and flats near water.Often grown for floristry.


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  • Evergreen / Holm Oak

    Quercus ilex

    The Holm Oak is a large evergreen tree with an attractive corrugated bark. The leaves are a dark glossy green not unlike holly but vary in shape and size. It can become deciduous in the very coldest areas but is an excellent tree for coastal areas.


    Not for forestry purposes.

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  • False Acacia / Black Locust Tree Seed

    Robinia pseudoacacia

    Robinia or False Acacia grows to be a large suckering tree with furrowed bark. The fragrant white flowers have a yellow base to the petal and attract bees in the early summer, Acacia honey is well known and very tasty! The tree has been used to stop soil erosion because of its tendency to sucker and the timber is also useful. Being leguminous means that the roots ‘fix’ nitrogen from the air into the soil which is a useful trait, helping soil nutrition


    Not for forestry purposes.

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  • acer camp dms

    Field Maple Seed

    Acer campestre

    Field Maple is a pretty, medium sized deciduous tree often seen forming parts of hedgerows although it makes a good small specimen tree too. The five-lobed leaves turn bright yellow in autumn and may be flushed red. The miniature sycamore-type winged seed are quite often pink too, before they ripen.  When young this tree will tolerate quite deep shade, but requires more light to flower and fruit. Insect friendly

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  • Rosa_arvensis_P

    Field Rose Seed

    Rosa arvensis

    Field rose, native to Europe, is a rambling rose of the hedgerows and woodland, quite scarce in the north. Its long arching stems produce pure white scented flowers from early summer onwards. These give rise to round red rose hips in autumn. Can be pruned hard to a tidier shape, but good as part of a wilder garden. Attractive to insects and birds for the hips eventually.

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  • Firethorn Seed

    Pyracantha coccinea

    Firethorn or Pyracantha is a large evergreen shrub that is valued for its outstanding display of red autumn berries. These are produced from the white flowers that appear in spring. Its dark green leaves are augmented by sharp thorns which when used as a boundary plant provide an effective security barrier.

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  • Flat Stalked Spindle dms

    Flat Stalked Spindle Seed

    This Euonymus or Flat Stalked Spindle is a graceful, arching, deciduous shrub with incredible autumn berries of orange in red cases that hang below the branches on long stalks. It has  great foliage colour too, making it a valuable addition to the autumn/winter garden. Very tolerant of most conditions and a good shrub in polluted areas. It can be pruned or left to grow into it’s natural shape.

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  • Fly Honeysuckle Seed

    Lonicera xylosteum

    Fly Honeysuckle is a small to medium sized deciduous shrub with grey/blue-green foliage and untidy habit. Its flowers are not as showy as other honeysuckles, being a creamy white and flowering for 2 weeks in late spring. It is however pollution tolerant and produces red poisonous fruits later in the year. Although native to Eurasia, it is naturalised in most of America.

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  • Foxglove Tree Rs

    Foxglove Tree Seed

    An exotic looking tree that, in suitable positions, produces panicles of foxglove-like purple flowers. They appear in the spring before the leaves. The deciduous leaves are large and hairy and can grow huge if the tree is pollarded,  (branches cut back to the main stem) every couple of years. A really fast growing tree and in America and Asia is used for timber production. An old tradition in China is to sow a Paulownia seed when a girl is born and to chop the tree down when she marries, using the timber to make furniture for the newly-weds!

    £10.00 inc. VAT
  • lavander stoechs dms

    French Lavender Seed

    Lavandula stoechas

    French Lavender is an intensely aromatic shrublet with narrow grey leaves. The dark purple flowers are borne in dense terminal heads which are topped by prominent purple bracts, very attractive to bees. Plants require a warm sunny position and are often used as a low, informal hedge which needs to be lightly trimmed after flowering. It has a more acid scent than English Lavender

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