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Archers Gum / Alpine Cider Gum

A wide spreading and many branched small tree not unlike E. gunnii. Small rounded blue green leaves used in flower arranging. It is frost tolerant and makes an excellent ornamental tree for smaller...
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A graceful, pale grey-barked deciduous tree with leaves that flutter in the breeze making a noise like rain. Useful for damp and exposed sites. Vibrant yellow autumn colour and copper new spring...

Australian / Tasmanian Blackwood

Also know as Sally Wattle. A fast growing evergreen, it has dark green pinnate leaves and in spring bears clusters of small milky white flowers. It is best suited to temperate climates but is not...
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Autumn Olive

A deciduous shrub or small tree with a dense thorny crown. The leaves are silvery in spring but turn greener as the silvery scales wear off during the summer. The flowers in May are pale yellow/cream...


An early flowering evergreen with holly like leaves. Its flowers are bright orange tinted with red which appear in long lasting drooping clusters in spring. Good for hedging
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Bay Laurel / Sweet Bay

The leaves are the bay leaves used in cooking but it also makes an excellent hedge and is tolerant of maritime areas. Bay Laurel can produce excellent specimen trees and is also used for topiary.
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Beech / Common Green Beech

A versatile majestic tree with a smooth silver grey bark and in autumn the leaves turn a rich copper gold colour. Makes an excellent specimen tree or the most outstanding of hedges. Pollution...

Berberis wilsoniae

A splendid small semi-evergreen shrub with sea green leaves and coral coloured clustered fruits. This species has no cultivars and is mostly grown from seed. Good for low prickly hedging.
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A small deciduous shrub that is in flower from May to June and the seeds in the form of tiny berries ripen from July to September. It is noted for attracting wildlife and there is a particular bee...
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Bird Cherry

A small, widely distributed deciduous tree. It bears an abundance of small white almond scented single flowers in late spring. Its small black fruits are edible but very bitter.
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