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Oregon Grape

A small shrub with pinnate leaves with 5 to 13 leaflets which often turn red in winter. Its rich yellow flowers open in early spring borne on racemes which are in clusters. The autumn berries are a...

Oregon Maple

A large, stately tree with domed head. Huge leaves up to 30cm across, incised and lobed. Gold autumn colour. Flowers lime green in long hanging catkins mid spring. Pollards well and makes good...

Oriental Plane

Large deciduous tree with peeling bark. Young leaves are hairy, but smooth when older, deeply lobed. Pale bronze-purple autumn colour. Round finely spined fruit that hang on into winter.

Pacific Madrona

An evergreen tree, often multistemmed, with rich rust-coloured peeling bark which can be used to make a tea. Silvery green persistant leaves and cream ericaceous-type spring flowers followed by red...

Paper Birch

A striking large tree with a white papery bark and attractive yellow autumn foliage. It was introduced from North America in 1750.
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Paperbark Maple

A beautiful small tree with dark green leaves in summer, turning crimson and scarlet in autumn. The bark peels to appear orange in the sunlight revealing the new cinnamon coloured bark beneath.
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A small bushy tree with pale pink single flowers that appear before the leaves in spring. The leaves are lanceolate up to 15cm long and 3cm wide. It may produce fruit in autumn.


A medium sized tree with oval glossy leaves which are often attractive in autumn. In spring the tree is drowned in white blossom and in autumn it produces sweet pears.

Peking Cotoneaster

A shrub with shiny green foliage in summer that turns orangey red in winter. Pinkish white flowers in June give rise to black fruit in July. It is a hardy hedging plant that thrives in poor soils.

Persian Silk Tree

Highly decorative deciduous tree with fine leaves made up of fern-like leaflets. Often mistaken for Mimosa. Exotic pink flowers late summer have long silky stamens, followed by flattened brown/yellow...
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