Sichuan Pepper Seed

Zanthoxylum simulans

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Sichuan Pepper or Chinese Prickly Ash grows into a wide-spreading, deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves similar to Ash. Its branches are slightly hanging and are covered in large, flat spines. Bunches of tiny yellow green flowers appear in May and June, followed by warty reddish fruit. Autumn colour is red and yellow All parts are aromatic and the ground up fruit is a more pungent pepper than Black pepper and a constituent of Chinese ‘Five Spice’. Used against various maladies in oriental medicine.


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Zanthoxylum simulans

Common Name: Sichuan Pepper

Native: China, Japan, Taiwan

Provenance: China

Size and Spread:  2.5 x 2.5m  wide-spreading

Treatment Required: cold stratification for 3 months or sow in autumn outside. Scarification possibly helps.

Seeds/kg:   c. 58,000; 48% viable

Ideal Sowing Period: Autumn, outside

Soil Conditions: Tolerant of most, but does better in fertile, moist

Planting Instructions: full sun, open but sheltered

Mature Height: 4m

pic courtesy of : Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz CC BY-SA 4.0                via wikimedia



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