Tamarack Seed

Larix laricina

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This American Larch is deciduous, like others and grows to be a tall columnar tree. It has pinkish orange to dark red bark becoming scaly when old.  Needles are spirally arranged on long shoots. Before needle drop in autumn they turn orange. It’s widely distributed in North America, in swampy boreal forests and is very hardy and tolerant.

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Larix laricina

Common Name:  Tamarack

Native:    North America – Alaska, New Foundland, Yukon

Provenance: Canada

Size and Spread (in 10 yrs):    approx 10m tall, narrow.

Treatment: not necessary, but 3-4weeks cold moist can help

Seeds/kg: 388,000       75% viable

Ideal Sowing: spring

Soil: moist

Planting instructions:   very hardy and tolerant of wet conditions

Mature height:  up to 20m

pic courtesy of  Ryan Hodnett, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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0.1gm mini pack (approx35 seed), 1gm pack approx 350 seed

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