Goat Willow Seed

Salix caprea

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Goat or Pussy Willow is more an upright, deciduous shrub than tree. One of the commonest and most tolerant of our native trees. It is quite often a tough pioneer of inhospitable damp sites and thrives on poor soil. Early in spring the male flowers appear – the soft, silky, silver hairy buds which give rise to the name ‘Pussy Willow’. These turn into fluffy balls of pollen. Female flowers, on separate trees, are long green catkins that erupt into white fluff surrounding the seed in May or June. The leaf is very variable.

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Salix caprea

Common Name: Goat or Pussy Willow

 Native: Europe to N.E.Asia

Provenance:  UK

Size and Spread (10yrs):  16m x 3m

Treatment: non dormant

Seeds/kg:  3,000,000/kg     750,000   germinal seeds/kg

Ideal Sowing: early summer

Soil Conditions:  damp

Planting Instructions:  sow in a seed tray and transplant the seedlings into plugs. Plant when big enough

Mature Height:  16m, although can be coppiced and pruned extensively.

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Seed pack (approx 600 seeds)

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