Siberian Pine Seed

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The Siberian Pine is related to Pinus cembra. It is extremely hardy, slow growing and long-lived, particularly suited to cold climates where it is often grown as a specimen tree. The needles grow in bundles of five. This is one of the Pines which have shown resistance to White Pine Blister Rust.  and so is being used in breeding programmes. The cones produced are quite bulky and heavy, the seeds inside are eaten as a good source of oil, sold in Russia as Cedar Nuts. It is quite rare in its native habitat.

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Pinus siberica

Common Name: Siberian Pine

Native: Siberia, central Mongolia to China

Provenance: Germany

Size and Spread(10yrs): slow growing

Treatment: soak seed overnight, rub with sandpaper then mix with damp sand and put in fridge for 10-12weeks cold stratification

Seed/kg: 4,600

Ideal sowing period: autumn if not stratified

Soil Conditions: fine in poor ground, sandy and light, acid to neutral

Planting Instructions: not in shade. Very cold and exposure tolerant

Mature Height: 30m

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