Striped Maple seed

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Striped Maple is a small to medium size deciduous tree. It is one of the best snakebark maples with wavy white striations on an olive green bark. Leaves are three lobed and coloured golden-yellow in early autumn. The seeds are characteristically dimpled.

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Acer pensylvanicum

Common Name: Striped Maple or Moosewood

Native:  Eastern north America

Provenance:   USA

Size and Spread (10 years): approx 5m x 2m

Treatment required:  soak the seed for 24hrs, then give 3months of cold moist conditions.

Seeds/kg:  c.473,000

Ideal Sowing: autumn, if s owing outside

Soil Conditions: tolerant of most, but not dry, shallow or over chalk.

Mature Height: 10-15m

pic courtesy of N3362, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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