Single Species Wildflower

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Design a meadow from scratch using a collection of single species

  • agriomony


    Agrimonia eupatoria

    Agrimony produces slender spikes of small yellow star-like flowers from June. prefers well drained soils, common on edgelands and waysides. Good for nectar feeding insects.

  • Bats in the Belfry

    Bats in the Belfry

    Campanula trachelium

    Bats in the Belfry or Nettle Leaved Bell flower grows best in quite shady places. Its blue, bell-shaped flowers are in tall spikes and appear in late summer to autumn.

  • Betony

    Stachys officinalis

    Betony produces reddish purple spikes of long lasting flowers , up to 50cm tall, from June to September. Beloved of bees and butterflies.

  • bilberry


    Vaccinium myrtillus

    Bilberry is a small deciduous shrub that is in flower from May to June and the tiny seeds in small purple berries ripen from July to September. It is noted for attracting wildlife and there is a particular bee called the Bilberry Bumblebee! Although awkward to pick, the berries make a delicious pie or crumble especially when mixed with other soft fruit or apples.

  • bluebell


    Hyacinthoides non-scripta

    Bluebells produce masses of nodding heads of flowers above glossy strap leaves in May. They will grow reasonably in most conditions except the hottest and driest. Visited by bees and butterflies for the nectar.

  • Coltsfoot


    Tussilago farfara

    Coltsfoot has bright yellow flowers on scaly robust stems in very early in spring. Fleshy roundish leaves follow later.

  • Common Knapweed

    Common Knapweed

    Centaurea nigra

    Common Knapweed, Centaurea nigra is also known as Hardheads. Purple thistle-like flowers in May to September followed by hard slightly prickly seed-heads. The plant itself has no prickles. Insect friendly.


  • Common Reed

    Common Reed

    Phragmites australis

    Common Reed grows waving, tall, grass like stems with plumes of dark, purplish grass flowers late in summer. Excellent for birds living on the water margins.

  • Corn Chamomile

    Corn Chamomile

    Anthemis arvensis

    Annual Corn Chamomile has white Daisy flowers, slightly scented, with yellow centres from summer to early autumn. Ferny foliage

  • Corn Marigold

    Glebionis(Chrysanthemum) segetum

    Annual Corn Marigold has cheerful, bright yellow daisies growing just less than a metre tall through the summer.

  • Corncockle


    Agrostemma githago

    Corncockle is an attractive cornfield annual with beautiful, purple pink flowers in July.

  • Cornflower


    Centaurea cyanus

    Beautiful blue, annual wildflower with spikey petals. Flowers June to August.

  • Cowslip


    Primula veris

    Cowslips are a favourite harbinger of spring. Whorls of yellow scented flowers on stems of 20cm. Prefers a sunny spot.

  • Devils Bit Scabious

    Devil’s Bit Scabious

    Succisa pratensis

    A perennial of damp places. Blue flowers from summer to autumn, usually covered with bees

  • field poppy

    Field Poppy

    Papaver rhoeas

    Red tissue paper flowers with black centres held on delicate hairy stems in June.

  • Field Scabious

    Knautia arvensis

    A great nectar source. Blue flowers in summer until autumn

  • Placeholder


    Pulicaria dysentarica

    Quite large yellow daisy flowers July-Sept

  • Foxglove

    Digitalis purpurea

    Tall spikes of purple tubular flowers in early summer

  • Verbascum thapsus or Great Mullein

    Great Mullein

    Verbascum thaspus

    Sturdy, tall spikes of yellow flowers are held above rosettes of woolly white leaves, through the summer.

    Seed from Shropshire

  • Greater Burnet

    Greater Burnet

    Sanguisorba officinalis

    Tight round globes of purple-red flowers on waving stems in summer and autumn, over divided, soft green leaves. Grows to 1 metre plus in a season.

    Seed from Shropshire

  • Greater Celandine

    Chelidonium majus

    Small, four petalled flowers in May, held above fresh green, lobed leaves.

  • Greater Knapweed

    Centaurea scabiosa

    Large pink flowers through summer to autumn

  • Greater Stitchwort

    Stellaria holostea

    Almost luminous white flowers in spring on long thin leaves. Tends to creep through other plants

  • Placeholder


    Campanula rotundifolia

    Delicate sky-blue bell flowers, almost paper thin, belie their toughness.