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Scottish Thistle

The emblem of Scotland! Leaves looking as though they're covered in cotton wool. Purple thistle flowers in summer and early autumn. As with all thistles, great for insects.

Sea Campion

Masses of white Campion flowers in late spring and early summer. Attractive pale grey green foliage


Purple flowers on low growing perennials. Good for Bees.

Sheep's Bit Scabious

Rather like Devil's bit Scabious, but the flowers are less flat and a lighter blue.

Small Scabious

A rich nectar flower for bees and butterflies. Highly decorative purple/blue pincushion flowers in masses during summer.

Snakes Head Fritillary

Nodding heads of chequered purple or occasionally white appear April to June
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Pure white, long-lasting flowers in July to Sept

St John's Wort

Yellow flowers with prominent stamens, atop 50cm stems in early summer to early autumn.

Stinking Iris

Odd purple/brown /beige flowers in early summer. Strappy evergreen leaves, up to 60cm. Bright orange seeds persistent through the autumn in large capsules. .

Sweet Violet

Early, scented flowers, purple and sometimes white. Creeping plants with fresh green leaves.
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