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Greater Knapweed

Large pink flowers through summer to autumn

Greater Stitchwort

Almost luminous white flowers in spring on long thin leaves. Tends to creep through other plants

Hemp Agrimony

Large heads of tiny pink/purple flowers are produced late summer on tall, architectural stems.

Ling Heather

This is a dwarf shrub that is often abundant on mountains and moorland. The petals are concealed by the familiar purple sepals. Common in Europe and Asia Minor.
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Marsh Marigold

Bright golden Kingcups survive the harshest early spring conditions.
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Meadow Buttercup

The familiar bright yellow flowered perennial of meadows and pastures.


Frothy cream flowers in July.

Melilot, Common or Ribbed

An annual or biennial of rough, poor places. Tall growing and messy! Beloved of bees and hoverflies

Mexican Fleabane

Small pink and white daisies on long stems all summer.

Musk Mallow

Large but delicate rose-pink flowers summer to autumn. Looks like a cultivated plant, not a wild native!
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