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Paeonia ludlowii

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Ludlow’s Tree Paeony is sometimes known as Paeony lutea ludlowii and in its native Tibet as ‘God’s Flower’ is a large, slow growing, deciduous shrub. It has ferny leaves with good yellow autumn colour and produces numerous large, open yellow flowers, a bit like poppies, from early to late summer. It is tolerant of most things but won’t flower in deep shade. No pruning is necessary, just the occasional tidy up, the branches are generally unbranched.

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Paeonia ludlowii

Common Name: Ludlow’s Tree Peony

Native: Tibet

Provenance: unknown (seed from plants in Cheshire)

Size and Spread(10yrs):  1.2m x 1.5m . Slow growing

Treatment required: 6mths moist and warm followed by 3mths fridge

Seed/kg : 550

Ideal sowing period: as soon as seed is ripe,  summer

Soil Conditions: fertile soil, moist and humus rich give best results

Planting Instructions: shelter, sun or part shade, needs space but is generally carefree

Mature Height: 2.4m

Pic courtesy of Bernd Haynold   GFDL and  CC BY SA3 via wikimedia



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