Swamp Mahogany Seed

Eucalyptus robusta

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Swamp Mahogany is an unusual Eucalyptus in that it has  spongey, reddish brown bark which peels off in strips. The leaves are dark green, broad and evergreen. It flowers with creamy white fluffy flowers in autumn, which is quite useful for late insects. It is a long-lived tree and used for firewood, charcoal, coastal erosion control and pulp. It coppices successfully. Needs planting in a sheltered spot.

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Eucalyptus robusta

Common Name: Swamp Mahogany

Native: Eastern Australia

Provenance: New Zealand

Size and Spread (10 years): 10 x 3m

Treatment Required:    3-4weeks cold moist  prechill might be helpful in germination, followed by 21degC for sowing

Seeds/kg: 6,700,000

Ideal Sowing:   spring/summer. surface sow

Soil Conditions:  moist or boggy, can be quite acid and older plants will grow in brackish land too.

Planting Instructions: not in a frost pocket. Hardy to 3deg C so good in coastal areas

Mature Height:   20m

Pics courtesy of John Robert McPherson, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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