Sweet Box Seed

Sarcococca confusa

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Sarcococca or Sweet Box is a fantastically useful small evergreen shrub. It has a neat growth habit and produces small, feathery creamy white flowers in the depths of winter. These are highly sweetly scented. The black shiny berries that follow remain on the shrub until the following spring. Thrives in poorish dry soil and shade. Germination is sporadic, so patience is needed!


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Sarcococca confusa

Common Name: Sweet Box

Native: China

Provenance: UK

Size and Spread(10yrs): 1m x 0.7m

Treatment Required: Damp peat in the warm for 3wks, then in fridge for 6-8wks, or sow in autumn outside.

Seed/kg:     c. 24,000;  88% viable

Ideal sowing period: Autumn, if using natural stratification

Soil Conditions: Dry, poorish

Planting conditions: Shade or semi-shade. Plant near a path for maximum scent effect.

Mature height: 1m


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