Monterey Pine Seed

Pinus radiata

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Monterey Pine is the most widely planted pine in the world, although it is endangered in its natural habitat. It is extremely important for timber production Older trees make a good windbreak. In UK , grows best in areas with mild wet winters, in fertile sites. In the wild it grows on the Californian coastal fringe and is one of the trees in which Monarch butterflies overwinter. It’s huge cones open in heat, but tend to stay on the tree for years. They are an uneven shape at the base. The needles grow in groups of 3, fresh green close to and blackish from afar. On mature trees  the bark develops very deep fissures.

Cone pic courtesy of S. Rae from Scotland, UK/CC BY 2.0


Not for forestry purposes.

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Pinus radiata

Common name: Monterey Pine.

Native: California

Provenance: Unknown

Size and spread (10 years): 7m

Treatment required: Requires pre chill.

Germinal seeds / kg: 21,000

Ideal sowing period: Spring

Soil conditions: Dislikes lime rich soils.

Planting instructions: Needs shelter when young but as becomes established becomes quite dense and hardier. Fine in coastal areas.

Mature height: 40m

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