Korean Pine Seed

|Pinus koraiensis


Korean Pine is an ornamental Pine with long blue needles arranged in groups of 5. When young it grows in a pyramidal shape, but branches become more horizontal with age. Large cones are produced towards the end of branches, ripening to 11cm long. The seeds contained in the cones are large and used in cooking, like Pinus pinea.


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Pinus koraiensis

Common Name:    Korean Pine

Native: East Asia, Japan

Provenance: China

Size and Spread(in 10years):  1.5m wide  x 3m tall

Treatment Required:

Seeds/kg:   approx 1880 ;       76% viable

Ideal Sowing Period:  Spring

Soil Conditions: not fussy

Planting instructions : best in an open aspect, well drained. Tolerant of high altitudes.

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Seed pack (approx 8 seeds)