Golden Mimosa Seed

Acacia baileyana

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Golden Acacia or Cootamundra Wattle is a  small evergreen tree/large shrub with silver grey ferny leaves and short spikes of pompom flowers between Dec and March. Lots of Pollen is  produced so the tree is good for early insects. In fact it is planted for honey production commercially as well as for floristry. However, in warmer countries it tends to escape and be a bit of a plague in the wild. In the UK, it definitely needs to be in a conservatory or very sheltered sunny corner. Quite tolerant of drought.

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Acacia baileyana

Common Name: Golden Mimosa or Cootamundra Wattle

Native: New South Wales

Provenance: Australia

Size and Spread(10yrs): 4 x 8m

Treatment required:  lightly chip the seed coat or soak in hot water (start at 70degC and let cool for 18hrs)

Seed/kg: 53,191

Ideal Sowing Period: Spring, needs warmth to germinate

Soil Conditions: Acid to neutral, sandy loam

Planting instructions: Needs a very warm, sheltered spot, full sun, against a wall. Or a conservatory.

Mature Height: 4-8m

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Weight 5.00 g

Seed pack (approx 125 seeds), Mini seed pack (approx 25 seeds)





Flowering Month

February, March



Life Cycle



shelter, sun