Foxglove Tree Seed

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An exotic looking tree that, in suitable positions, produces panicles of foxglove-like purple flowers. They appear in the spring before the leaves. The deciduous leaves are large and hairy and can grow huge if the tree is pollarded,  (branches cut back to the main stem) every couple of years. A really fast growing tree and in America and Asia is used for timber production. An old tradition in China is to sow a Paulownia seed when a girl is born and to chop the tree down when she marries, using the timber to make furniture for the newly-weds!

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Paulownia tomentosa

Common Name: Foxglove Tree

Native: China

Provenance: U.S.A

Size and Spread(10 years): 8 x 8m

Treatment required: light is needed for germination, although a pre-chill of 5 to 6 weeks lessens this need.

Seed/kg : 4,000,000

Ideal sowing period : Sept to May

Soil Conditions: well drained loam.

Planting Instructions: Give space,  full sun and a sheltered site.

Mature height: 12m

Picture courtesy of R.Stourton

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Flowering Month

April, May


Seed pack (approx 2500 seeds)