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Latin Name: Betula lenta
Forestart Reference: BELEN1

Also known as Cherry Birch because of the similarity in foliage and Sweet Birch because of the sap smelling and containing Oil of Wintergreen. Fantastic yellow autumn leaf colour and dark shiny bark, becoming plated and ridged on maturity. Quite fast growinq. Makes a very attractive multi-stem specimen. Rarely grown.

Common Name: Black/Sweet/Cherry Birch
Native: Eastern North America
Provenance: USA
Size and Spread(10yrs): 5 x 3m
Treatment required:
Germinal Seed/kg: 105,176
Ideal Sowing Period:
Soil Conditions: Slightly acid, moderately moist.
Planting Instructions: Full sun. Do not prune in spring because
it bleeds sap.

Mature Height: 15m

pic courtesy of Teunspaans CC.ASA.3.0 



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