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Latin Name: Acer henryi
Forestart Reference: ACEHE1

A rare, small tree, often multi-stemmed when mature. Grows a wide, flatish crown. Trifoliate leaves with fine red stems, hairy veins and good autumn colour

Common Name: Henry's Maple
Native: Central China
Provenance: China
Size and Spread(10yrs): 3 x 3m
Treatment: Deeply dormant. Needs at least 12wks cold stratification .
Seeds/kg: 61,000
Ideal sowing period: spring
Soil Conditions: on the dry side, slightly acid.
Planting Instructions: grow in a sheltered spot, in dappled shade .
It is a tree of forest understorey in the wild.
Mature Height: 8m 

pic courtesy of JP Grandmont . GNU freedoc license ver 1.2 





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