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Latin Name: Carya ovata
Forestart Reference: CAOVA1

When mature, forms a stately, open headed tree with plates of bark peeling away from the trunk. Leaves are made up of 5 leaflets similar to Walnut, to which it is related. Long yellow catkins in spring are followed in autumn by large walnut-like fruit. A thick husk hides an edible, sweet, 4 ribbed nut. First grown in UK in mid 17th century.

Common name: Shagbark Hickory
Native: Eastern USA
Provenance: USA
Size and Spread(10yrs): 3m x 2m
Treatment: Moist pre-chill for 90-150days then germinate at 
20degC or above.
Germinal seed/kg:
Ideal Sowing:
Soil Conditions:Tolerant of most conditions but not wet.
Planting Instructions: resents transplanting because of the taproot,
so move to final positions when still small.
Mature Height: 30m 

Pic courtesy of JohnB CC BY 2.0 





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