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Latin Name: Acer macrophylla
Forestart Reference: ACMAC1

A large, stately tree with domed head. Huge leaves up to 30cm across, incised and lobed. Gold autumn colour. Flowers lime green in long hanging catkins mid spring. Pollards well and makes good smokeless firewood. The sap can be used as a sweetener

Common name: Oregon Maple
Native: Western North America, S. Alaska to California
Provenance: USA, Washington State
Size and Spread(10 yrs): 7-10m x 6m fast growing when young
Treatment required: 60-90 days stratification in moist medium
Ideal sowing period:
Soil Conditions: moist loam preferred for maximum growth 
Planting instructions: cool and moist , though tolerant of most situations
Mature height: 15-20m 
1st pic courtesy of W Siegmund GNUFDL 1.2

2nd pic courtesy of P Stevens CC by 2.0 



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