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Latin Name: Prunus serotina
Forestart Reference: PRSER1

A medium sized tree with simple serrated leaves up to 15cm long. About 40 white flowers are produced on each raceme in the spring which give rise to the fruit which turn from green to red and then black. Mature black cherry is easily recognised by its dark grey or black bark that can easily be broken off and the almond smell coming from young twigs if the bark has been scraped off. Good for birds.

Common name: Black / Choke / Rum Cherry.
Native: Eastern North America.
Provenance: Hungary
Size and spread (10 years): 8m
Treatment required: Deeply dormant requires 29 weeks stratification treatment.
Germinal seeds / kg: 8000
Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: Most well drained soils.
Planting instructions: Not in shade
Mature height: 25m

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