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Latin Name: Abies homolepis
Forestart Reference: ABHOM1

An uncommon, well shaped ornamental fir, not too wide-spreading when young. Pinkish pale grey bark. Dense, dark green shiny needles, white underneath, and dark blue cones.

Common Name: Nikko Fir 
Native: Central and SW Japan 
Provenance: Japan
Size and Spread (10yrs):3m x 2m
Treatment required: mix with moist compost, 
keep in fridge for 60days then sow. 
Germinal seed/kg: 8,300 
Ideal Sowing Period: Autumn if using natural cold stratification,
spring if using fridge method.
Soil Conditions: Moist but well drained.
Planting instructions: A tree of temperate rain forest. 
Enjoys cool summers and high rainfall. Very pollution tolerant. 

Mature Height: 30m 

Pic courtesy of MPF, GNU FDL 1.2 










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