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Latin Name: Succisa pratensis
Forestart Reference: DEVBSC

A perennial of damp places. Blue flowers from summer to autumn, usually covered with bees

Found in marshes, damp meadows, fens and woods, the flat rosettes of leaves can be mown or grazed and still survive to throw flowering stems up to 80cm topped with the nectar rich, purple blue pincushion flowers. Flowers provide nectar for bees and hoverflies and the caterpillar of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly eats the foliage. The seeds are eaten by goldfinches.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Best sown in the autumn

Historically used against bubonic plague and skin complaints, 'Scabies' being Latin for 'scratch'.  The 'Devil's Bit' name comes from the appearance of the roots - they have a chopped-off look, said to have been bitten by the devil to spite the Virgin Mary


Seed from Shropshire 



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