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Latin Name: Malva moschata
Forestart Reference: MUSMAL

Large but delicate rose-pink flowers summer to autumn. Looks like a cultivated plant, not a wild native!

Open large pink flowers frequented by bees which buzz piercingly, using their whole bodies to dislodge the pollen. A perennial of old meadows, roadsides, hedgerows and dryish places, it looks equally at home in the garden. Attractive ferny foliage and stems up to 70cm. Flowers summer to autumn. Historically used in cough mixtures and poultices. All parts have a slight musky scent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rub the seed on sandpaper before sowing, to remove the waxy, dark, outer coating, but after this, should germinate readily at any time.

Shropshire seed 


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