Common Carder Bees

Our nursery manager found this little nest under a tray of oak seedlings! Common Carder bees are small bumble bees that nest on the ground and aren’t as hairy as normal ones. They do a good job as pollinators. This nest is a new one, possibly a new queen

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New Year, New Website

Welcome to the new website. At Forestart, we’re still learning how to use it, so please bear with us! There will be lots more information on the new site, both ‘how to grow’ and information about the species listed. There will be more about what is going on at Forestart: what we’re harvesting and treating […]

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Ash Trees

APHA,  (The Animal and Plant Health Agency)  have lifted the ban on Ash trees. They can now be bought and sold in the UK as long as they are grown here and not imported! They should, however be accompanied by a Plant Passport. This is great news, especially when so many trees need to be […]

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