Zantedeschia seedlings

Zantedeschia aethiopica


Large plugs of this exotic looking hardy perennial. White flowers in summer. Clumps of large fresh green leaves die back in winter


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Zantedeschia aethiopica

Arum Lily/ Easter Lily/ Calla Lily

We have a few large, deep plugs of the fantastic Zantedeschia or Arum lily. The seedlings have a good root system and are ready to either be potted on or planted out. Arum Lily is a perennial, hardy in most places and likes it damp, but not necessarily in water. The exotic large fresh green leaves form a good clump through which the stunning white ‘flowers’ emerge. It dies down in the winter. A mulch over the crown in the autumn before the worst of the weather is not a bad idea. This is not a wildflower of this country. Grows wild in southern Africa and The Azores.

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June, July


flowers, foliage

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seedling plug


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