Purple Beech Seedlings

Fagus purpurea


Seedling Purple Beech grown in large deep plugs. Suitable for hedging or growing into specimens. 20-30cm tall.


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Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’

Purple Beech seedlings

We can offer a small number  ( about 300) of Purple Beech seedlings, grown in deep plugs and ready to be lined out for hedge planting when they’re bigger, or for planting in hedge gaps. Summer is not an ideal time for planting, the seedlings will need watering until late autumn. Trim lightly in winter to encourage branching.  Many of the seedlings could be trained into standards to make good specimen trees – a long term project! If you would like to do this, mention it on the order form (customer comments) so a suitable seedling can be chosen. Purple beech is a useful hedge, retaining it’s autumn leaves through the winter until new leaves appear in spring. It will only need trimming once a year, in late autumn and will grow as tall as wanted.

Purple Beech can also be trained into a Bonsai specimen – another long term project!

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1 seedling, 10 seedlings