Melverley Meadow Seed Mix

Melverley Mix

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25% grasses and 75% wildflowers

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Approx 25% grass and 75% wildflower seed:Yellow Rattle, Meadow Buttercup, White Clover, Ribwort, Cat’s Ear and Bird’s Foot Trefoil. Sow at 2-3gms per square metre . For full list of contents, click here

The Melverley Meadows are a small area of traditionally farmed meadow owned by the Shropshire Wildlife trust since 1995. It is grazed and harvested for hay in the time honoured way, but Forestart have permission to take the seed from different areas in rotation. It is full of orchids, buttercup, ragged robin, yellow rattle and many more species. In the first year, not all species will flower, but the meadow should improve as it gets older. Sow at 3-4gm/square metre, onto prepared ground and tamp down lightly after raking into the tilth. It might be necessary on a new meadow to spot weed/ spot weedkill any gross weeds that emerge such as nettles, docks and thistles.

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