Lords and Ladies Seed

Arum maculatum

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Lords and Ladies. Perennial wild flower. Shiny arrow shaped leaves. Weird flowers made up of spadix and spathe. Brilliant orange berries in early autumn. Poisonous. No maintenance needed. Perfect for shade.

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Arum maculatum

Lords and Ladies or Cuckoo Pint is a native perennial with a fleshy starchy root. Its shiny arrow shaped leaves emerge very early in spring, usually in hedge bottoms and path edges. Quite often the leaves are  are marked with black spots. Late spring or early summer the flowers appear – a purplish spike of tiny globular flowers partially encased by a loose pale green ‘spathe’ or hood. When the spathe shrivels up, later in the summer, the spike is left exposed, bearing closely arranged, bright orange berries. These are really attractive but highly poisonous! The whole plant dies down in mid autumn. It needs no maintenance and is really useful for shade, needing no sun to thrive.

Seed from Cheshire

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Very Hardy


1gm pack(approx 30 seeds)