Japanese Mahonia Seed

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Japanese Mahonia is a large, architectural, evergreen shrub with  spikey leaves like holly but pinnate, on long stalks. It flowers from late autumn through the winter to early spring. The sprays of yellow flowers on upright or slightly lax stems are heavily scented. After flowering, blue berries are produced which can be eaten. Pruning isn’t usually necessary, but can be done in the spring. The wood tends to be bright yellow. It is a very useful addition to the winter garden and many different named varieties are available at nurseries. Shrubs from seed will be variable.

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Mahonia japonica

Common Name:  Japanese Mahonia

Native: probably Taiwan

Provenance: UK

Size and Spread (10 yrs): 1.5 x 1.5 m

Treatment required: give 2mth cold moist  followed by  1mth warm moist then sow or store in cold

Seeds/kg: 16,000

Ideal Sowing: sow  fresh seed in autumn to germinate in spring. Stratified seed sow in spring

Soil Conditions: Any moderately fertile soil, moist but well drained. .

Planting instructions: Can be grown in shade and still flower, or sun.

Mature Height:  1.5m

pic courtesy of Tony Hisgett, Birmingham            Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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Very Hardy





Flowering Month

January, February, March, November, December




1gm pack(approx10 seed), 5gm pack (approx50 seeds)