Engelmann Spruce Seed

Picea engelmannii

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The Engelmann Spruce is the most common spruce to be found in the Rockies where it grows to 30m tall. It likes deep well drained soils. Related to White Spruce (P. glauca ) and hybridizes with them, given a chance. The timber is used for pulp and paper making but also to make the fronts of guitars where it gives a clean pale colour. The tree is narrowly, neatly conical in shape and small branches tend to droop a bit. Needles are green with white bands both above and beneath and are quite soft. When crushed they smell of menthol. There are one or two named selections of the species available with greyer foliage.

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Picea engelmannii

Common name: Engelmann Spruce /White Spruce

Native: North-west America.

Provenance: USA

Size and spread (10 years): 3m

Treatment required: Requires pre chill.

Seeds / kg: 259,700      45% viable

Ideal sowing period: Spring

Soil conditions: Moist well drained clay loams.

Planting instructions: very good at high altitudes, if wet enough

Mature height: 30m

pic (unchanged) courtesy of  Agnieszka Kwiecień (Nova), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Seed pack (approx 1000 seeds), Mini seed pack (approx 20 seeds)

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