Chusan Palm Seed

Trachycarpus fortuneii

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The Chusan Palm is the hardiest palm for growing in the UK. It has stout stems carrying evergreen, multi-fingered, segmented leaves with slightly frayed edges. The hairy trunk is made of old leaf bases, as with most palms. It grows in sun or semi-shade and adds a bit of exoticism and architecture to the garden. The leaves can become ragged if exposed to strong winds, so it is better to plant in a sheltered spot, but it does very well in a container.  Seedlings should only be planted outside when about 30cm tall.


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Trachycarpus fortunei

Common Name: Chusan Palm

Native: East China, Asia

Provenance: China

Size (10yrs): 4m

Treatment required: Soak in warm water overnight. Sow in good compost in the warmth.

Seeds/kg: 3048

Ideal Sowing Period: anytime

Soil Conditions: Not fussy

Planting Instructions: Sun or semi-shade, in a sheltered spot, out of strong winds.

Mature Height: 12m , 1.5-2.5m spread

pic courtesy of Kurt Stueber GFDL

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