Single Species Wildflower

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  • Wild Garlic/ Ramsons

    Allium ursinum

    A low growing bulbous perennial, useful for damp shady spots

    Seed from Shropshire

  • Wild Marjoram Seed

    Origanum vulgare

    Low growing shrubby perennial with pale lilac pink flowers July to September, beloved of bees and butterflies. Aromatic foliage.

  • Isatis


    Isatis tinctoria

    Woad is probably not strictly a native wild flower, but has been in the country, naturalised, since Roman times when it was used as a dye plant.

  • Wood Avens

    Wood Avens seed

    Wood Avens or Herb Bennet. Perennial wildflower. Soft hairy leaves. Yellow buttercup-like flowers. Seeds with burrs. Likes shade.

  • Wood Sage

    Wood Sage Seed

    Wood Sage. Useful perennial wildflower for light shade. Mounds of soft sage-like, evergreen leaves and spikes of creamy tubular flowers late summer.

  • yarrow


    Achillea millefolium

    Flat flowerheads of white, sometimes pink, in June to October. Fine ferny leaves

  • Yellow Flag Iris

    Iris pseudacorus

    A robust perennial of bogs, streams, ditches and ponds.

  • yellow rattle

    Yellow Rattle

    Rhinanthus minor

    Yellow flowers in May, on plants ranging from 10-60cm tall. A good source of nectar. One of the useful tools for establishing a wildflower area, since it weakens the growth of grasses