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Latin Name: Stewartia pseudocamellia
Forestart Reference: STPSE1

Named after John Stuart, Earl of Bute. A small open deciduous tree or large shrub with simple white flowers mid July. Good autumn leaf colour and orange finely flakey bark. Leaves dull above, shiney beneath.

Common Name: Deciduous Camellia
Native: Eastern USA and E. Asia
Provenance: Japan
Size and Spread(10yrs): 7 x 1m
Treatment required: Soak for 24hrs. Keep moist and warmish 
for 120days, then moist and cold(fridge) for 90days. It is worth it!
Viable Seed/kg : 75,149
Ideal Sowing Period: Autumn. Sow 3mm deep.
Soil Conditions: Acid or neutral, most soils but not waterlogged or dry. 
No chalk.
Planting Instructions: Sheltered, full sun or part shade

Mature Height:15m 

pic courtesy of Qwert1234 C.C Attribution- Share Alike -3.00 


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