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Latin Name: Akebia quinata
Forestart Reference: AKEQUI1

A vigorous climber, semi evergreen when planted in a sheltered spot. Interesting three 'petalled' purple flowers in early summer, with chocolate fragrance. Attractive fresh green leaves made up of five leaflets.

Common Name: Chocolate Vine
Native: China, Korea, Japan
Provenance: China
Size and Spread(10 years): 8m x 8m
Treatment: soak seed for 24hrs then place in moist peat or
sand, in a polythene bag, not sealed, in the fridge for about 6 weeks. 
Sow in pots, but don't cover the seed, since they need light
to germinate. Keep warm.
Ideal Sowing Period: Spring, if using a fridge,
late autumn if using natural stratification.
Soil Conditions: not fussy
Planting instructions: Plant out in the second spring.
Young plants are a bit tender. 
Against a wall or trellis, sun or semi-shade. Prune after flowering.

Pic permissions: GFDL, CC BY SA 2.1-JP 




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