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Latin Name: Eucalyptus delegatensis
Forestart Reference: EUDEL1

A very tall straight evergreen, used as a timber tree, but decorative. Juvenile leaves are round and pinkish bronze, mature leaves are narrow, grey blue and elongated. Unlike other Eucalypts, does not respond to coppicing. Bark on older trees peels off in long shreds.

Common Name: Alpine Ash/ White Top
Native: S.E Australia, Tasmania
Provenance: Australia
Size and Spread(10yrs): 15m. Narrow head becoming broader with age
Treatment Required:
Ideal Sowing Period:
Soil Conditions: Free draining but moist, not waterlogged.
Tolerant of poor soils
Planting Instructions: A sunny spot with lots of space.
Not coastal. Very hardy.
Mature Height: over 20m. Good for large gardens, 
arboreta or parkland. 




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