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Latin Name: Euonymus alatus
Forestart Reference: EUOAL1

Highly decorative small tree/shrub. Bark on trunk and all but the very youngest branches is corky with ridged wings. Small pale green flowers in spring turn into red/purple berries and split open to show the orange seed inside. Brilliant bright red autumn colour.

Common Name: Winged Spindle Tree
Native: North China, Japan, Korea 
Size and Spread(10yrs):1.5m x 2m. often wider than tall
Treatment required: Deeply dormant. 
12weeks in moist warmth followed by 12weeks cold,
then germinate in warmth. 
Seed/kg: 34,000/kg
Ideal Sowing Period: 
Soil Conditions:un fussy, but good on alkaline/chalk
Planting Instructions : full sun to semi-shade

Mature Height: 2.5m 




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