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Latin Name: Platanus orientalis
Forestart Reference: PLAOR1

Large deciduous tree with peeling bark. Young leaves are hairy, but smooth when older, deeply lobed. Pale bronze-purple autumn colour. Round finely spined fruit that hang on into winter.

Common Name: Oriental Plane
Native: Asia, S.E. Europe, India
Provenance: USA
Size and Spread(10yrs): 15m x 3.5m
Treatment required: Moist pre-chill at 2degC for 2mths
Seed/kg: 243,700
Ideal sowing period: Spring 
Soil conditions: Neutral to slightly acid, damp, not chalk.
Planting instructions: Prefers damp conditions and warm summers.
Pollution tolerant.
Mature Height: 30m in good conditions, 
smaller when in poorer conditions 
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