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Latin Name: Albizzia julibrissin
Forestart Reference: ALJUL1

Highly decorative deciduous tree with fine leaves made up of fern-like leaflets. Often mistaken for Mimosa. Exotic pink flowers late summer have long silky stamens, followed by flattened brown/yellow seed pods.

Common Name: Persian Silk Tree
Native: Central to East Asia 
Provenance: China
Size and Spread(10yrs): 6m x 6m
Treatment required: Soak seed in warm water for 24hrs 
sow in warmth.
Germinal seeds /kg: 16,000
Ideal sowing period: Anytime
Soil Conditions: Tolerates poor soil, but much better when mulched,
fed and watered in its short growing season.
Planting instructions: Needs a sunny sheltered spot, against a wall. 
South-west UK or a conservatory.

Pic courtesy of  4028mdk09 CCA-SA 3.0



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