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Latin Name: Acacia baileyana
Forestart Reference: ACBAI1

A small evergreen tree/large shrub with ferny leaves and short spikes of pompom flowers between Dec and March. Lots of Pollen produced so good for early insects.

Common Name: Golden Mimosa or Cootamundra Wattle
Native: New South Wales
Provenance: Australia
Size and Spread(10yrs): 4 x 25m
Treatment required: Chip the seed coat or soak in hot water
(start at 70degC and let cool for 18hrs)
Seed/kg: 53,191
Ideal Sowing Period: Spring, needs warmth to germinate
Soil Conditions: Acid to neutral, sandy loam
Planting instructions: Needs a very warm, sheltered spot,
full sun, against a wall. Or a conservatory.
Mature Height: 4-8m 

Pic courtesy of Kanpei GFDL, CCASA2.1 




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