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Latin Name: Arbutus menziesii
Forestart Reference: ARMEN1

An evergreen tree, often multistemmed, with rich rust-coloured peeling bark which can be used to make a tea. Silvery green persistant leaves and cream ericaceous-type spring flowers followed by red berries.

Common name: Pacific Madrona
Native: western coastal USA
Provenance: British Columbia
Size and Spread (10yrs): 3-4m x 3m
Treatment required: cold moist stratification at 4degC for 60days
After germination, handle seedlings with extreme care.
Germinal seed /kg:
Ideal Sowing period: Spring. In the wild, seeds sprout after forest fires
Soil Conditions: Lime free and well drained
Planting Instructions: Move to final position when very young. 
Give a sunny sheltered site. Prune lightly if necessary
in early spring. 
Bark shows at its best when pruned as a single stem tree.
Mature Height: 12m
 pic courtesy of mindgrow cc-by-sa 2.0

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