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Latin Name: Toona sinensis
Forestart Reference: TOSIN1

A highly decorative deciduous tree, often multistemmed. Long and large pinnate aromatic leaves, often pink when young, used in Chinese cuisine. Smooth bark on young trees becomes shaggier with age (don't we all!). Small scented flowers in July, white or pink, produced in long pannicles at branch ends. Wood is used for furniture as a 'genuine' mahogany substitute. Also burns aromatically.

Common name: Chinese Mahogany
Native: East Asia
Provenance: China
Size and Spread (10yrs): 4m x 3m
Treatment required: not dormant
Germinal seeds/kg: 72,027
Ideal sowing period: Any time
Soil conditions: Tolerant of any and any pH 
Planting instructions: Sunny spot preferred. Mulch regularly.
Mature height: 15m

Pic courtesy of Willow CC-BY-2.5 


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