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Latin Name: Gymnocladus dioicus
Forestart Reference: GYDIO1

A tree possibly left over from the dinosaur age. Open habit with robust branches and few twigs. New leaves open pinkish and are early to fall in the autumn. Pale green flowers in June give rise to large leathery seed pods. The seeds are toxic until roasted when they can be used as a coffee substitute.

Common name: Kentucky Coffeetree
Native: USA, Midwest 
Provenance: USA
Size and Spread (10yrs): 3m x 2m
Treatment required: Scarify or chip the seed
Germinal seeds/kg:
Ideal Sowing time:
Soil conditions: prefers it moist and rich, but generally tolerant.
Planting: Casts only a light shade, so a good garden tree. Prefers sun.

Mature height: up to 20m moderately fast growing. 

pic courtesy of Bostonian13 CCBYSA3.0 




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