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Latin Name: Clerodendron trichotomum
Forestart Reference: CLTRI1

A soft leaved medium shrub with exotic white flowers and pink calyces in late summer. These are followed by white, maturing blue fruit sitting in the now cerise calyx. Flowers are heavily scented and leaves have a musty smell when crushed, redolent of peanut butter.

Common name: Harlequin Glorybower
Native: China and Japan
Provenance: China
Size and spread (10 years): 3m x 3m
Treatment required: soak in water for 24hrs 
then cold moist stratify for 3mth
Germinal seeds/kg: approx8000
Ideal sowing period: late spring
Soil conditions: Well drained, acid or alkaline
Planting: full sun, sheltered spot

Mature height: 5m

pic courtesy of Fanghong, GFDL, CC BY SA2.5


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