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Latin Name: Acer buergerianum
Forestart Reference: ACBUE1

A Japanese style maple with three lobed bright green leaves with yellow undersides. Superb red, orange and yellow autumn tints. Perfect for bonsai, though used in Japan as street trees. Peeling bark when mature.

Common name: Trident Maple
Native:East China and Japan
Provenance: China
Size and Spread (10years): 2-3mtrs x 2-3mtrs
Treatment required: Deeply dormant. Soak for 24hrs,
cold strat. for 2-3mths then sow in warmth. Can be slow to germinate
Germinal seeds/kg: 38,699
Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: Moist but well drained
Planting instructions: Prefers a sheltered spot especially when young.
Semi shade. If grown in pots, protect the roots from frost by
wrapping the pot in harsh winters and keeping drier.
Mature height: 10m eventually
pic courtesy of Tournaso17 CCBYSA3.0


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